Let Paul Krasnow Teach You to Build Trust and Create Clients for Life


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Survey after survey shows that trust is at an all-time low. People are suspicious of organizations, institutions, and leaders in every arena. What’s more, competition has never been tougher. Clients can leave (at any time and for any reason) and replace your products or services with something faster, shinier, and sexier.

But here’s the good news, says Paul Krasnow: When you’re able to engage clients in the right way and build deeply connected, authentic relationships with them you will set yourself apart. Clients will trust you. And once you have their trust you’ll win their loyalty, earn their referrals, and enjoy repeat business for a lifetime.

Krasnow knows this truth because he has lived it. A financial representative at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, he’s been a top producer for 40 years and won many “Top Agent” titles. In his keynote presentation he hits the highlights of his deeply inspiring personal story—detailed in his new book The Success Code—and reveals the trust-building secrets that have allowed him to prosper. A few things audiences will learn:

  • How to identify your core values and adhere to them in every aspect of your life and career (Hint: Krasnow’s are integrity, client security, and hard work)

  • Why you must never sell your clients products they don’t need

  • How challenging your clients with tough questions strengthens and deepens your relationship (and how to do it without alienating them)

  • Why successful people think “clients first,” not “income first”

  • How to engage with clients and keep them engaged over a lifetime

  • Why clients respond to authenticity (and what it looks like in action)

  • How to make meaningful connections with clients in the age of technology

  • Why keeping your word delights and impresses clients

  • Tips for prioritizing loyal, long term clients (rather than inadvertently neglecting them in favor of new ones)

  • What it means to own your choices and actions and hold yourself accountable for them

  • How to master a mindset of resilience that allows you to overcome losses, setbacks, and failures

  • Why high expectations matter—and how to continually and relentlessly “raise the bar”

  • Why you must take bold action even in the face of debilitating fear

  • How to give and receive caring feedback

  • How basic habits can be a game changer for long term success

Krasnow insists it doesn’t matter what industry you work in: solid, trusting client relationships are always the cornerstone of a thriving business and a successful career. Let him walk you through the process of attracting the right clients and serving them in a way that keeps them coming back again and again.