“This is a powerful story of persistence and personal redemption from one of the leading financial representatives in the history of Northwestern Mutual. Even more, it’s a guide for anyone whose aim is to achieve their best and rise to the top. Paul Krasnow’s quest to improve the lives of his clients has inspired many inside our company. I’m glad he has chosen to share it with the world.”
 —John Schlifske, Chairman and CEO, Northwestern Mutual


“I first worked for Paul when I was 18 years old. He was the single best salesperson I had ever seen. Of course, I was a young man—but now that I’m older and much more experienced, I still think that. Why? Not only does he know his craft, but he also knows his clients and knows how to connect the two in a meaningful way. He’s an amazing connector! When I started Westwood One, I immediately put him on the board. We saw him as much more than our insurance guy. To us, he was a consummate business professional and a trusted advisor.”
 —Norman J. Pattiz, Founder of Radio Network Westwood One, Member of the National Radio Hall of Fame
April 2018


“I have been fortunate to have Paul as a trusted advisor and friend for over 30 years. In his book, Paul masterfully teaches us dozens of life lessons he has learned from his climb from bankruptcy to the top of the insurance profession by adhering to his core values, always looking out for his clients’ best interests, and developing efficient and effective habits in all phases of his personal and professional life. Paul shows us what one can accomplish with a positive attitude, an open mind, a great product, kindness, and the utmost concern for his clients’ welfare. He has built an exemplary legacy in the way he lives his life. What a valuable guide for young people beginning their career and for others, midway through, who want to get back on the right track!”
—Peter Weil, Managing Partner at Glaser Weil Law Firm, Chairman of the Board of the Skirball Cultural Center
April 2018


“I’ve known Paul for more than 40 years. I was lucky enough to meet him early in my career, and he’s the only insurance guy I’ve ever had! He made a point to meet with me once a year to review my medical practice goals, as well as my personal ones, to determine if my needs had changed. He always came well prepared to every meeting. He made it his business to know and understand my situation so that he could offer suggestions on how to move forward. You could tell he really cared about the outcome. These yearly meetings were never the kind of dreaded insurance meetings you might imagine. My wife and I enjoyed our visits with Paul immensely. He is incredibly competent and knowledgeable about insurance, but also extremely bright, funny, charming, and the eternal optimist…and he’s one of the best storytellers I know! He’s a shining example of a consummate professional who really knows how to connect.”
—George Weinberger, MD, FACOG
April 2018


“I feel most fortunate to have met Paul 30 years ago. His knowledge and expertise have been of great significance in my lifetime.

“He has been a great friend and an outstanding assistant in planning my estate and monitoring my specific goals. 

“Here in his book, he openly and honestly describes his life and his thoughts, and teaches his successful techniques. Paul is truly a ‘relationship guy’—he has much to say here in a most riveting manner.”
—Stephen Loeb, PharmD
April 2018


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