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Do you dream of a better life than the one you’re currently living? Are you tired of just surviving the day-to-day grind and finally ready to thrive? Can you envision taking your career to the next level (and then the one after that, and the one after that)? Successful businessman Paul Krasnow says that no matter where you are today, you can build the life of your dreams starting right now. That’s true even if you feel you are at the very bottom of the mountain.

Krasnow built a legacy in the insurance business, but he did not start out with a thriving career and life. He built it piece by piece, and then rebuilt it after losing everything in a devastating bankruptcy. He shares his personal tale of success, financial disaster, and the journey to rebuild his life in his new book The Success Code: A Guide for Achieving Your Personal Best in Business and Life. In it he reveals valuable lessons about the life-altering power of tenacity, self-confidence, and a positive outlook.

Yes, there’s plenty of self-help advice on the market. But Krasnow has zeroed in on the best, most practical, most workable concepts out there and formulated them into a targeted, useful “code” you can seize upon and follow to manifest unprecedented wellbeing and fulfillment. If you are tired of struggling, or just ready to open a new chapter in your career and life, his book may just hold the message you need to hear.

Krasnow not only inspires and challenges you to outperform your current expectations, he shows you how and lays out the critical steps that lead to achievement and victory. Filled with insightful lessons, brilliant business how-tos, and the author’s signature wit and wisdom, The Success Code helps you finally reach the breakthrough you’ve been searching for all your life.